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R911273435 (MKD112B-024-KP1-BN)

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Rexroth's AC Servo Motors are designed for use in highly technical industrial applications. Notably, the MKD series boasts the R911273435 (MKD112B-024-KP1-BN) unit, which offers high performance owing to its rated torque of 31 and speed of 3500. It functions smoothly despite high pressures and repeated start-stop operations thanks to its persistent electrical commutation aspect. The unit features an integral multiturn absolute encoder that enables the detection of the absolute indirect position. Additionally, it presents a long-lasting battery for sustaining function after power cut-offs. The motor also includes an output shaft with a keyway enabling torque transmission and various cable sets for effortless installation. The unit conveniently uses a wide speed range for peak torque, facilitating versatile industrial applications. With a maximum setup height of 1000m above NN, it's crucial to adhere to setup guidelines when mounting. The R911273435 (MKD112B-024-KP1-BN) employs a 22Nm holding brake, which retains control of the holding axis post power transmission. Lastly, it can be stored permanently between -20 to +80 degrees, providing a safe operational range in diverse industrial environments.
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Type: AC Servo Motors
Rated Torque: 31
Rated Speed: 3500
Feedback: Resolver with integral multiturn absolute encoder
Output Shaft: With keyway
Cable Set: Available
Electrical Commutation: Yes
Setup Height: 1000m above NN
Holding Brake: 22Nm
Storage Temperature: -20 to +80
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