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R911273524 (MKD112B-024-KG1-BN)

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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat R911273524 (MKD112B-024-KG1-BN) is part of the MKD series of synchronous motors, weighing around 34 kg. The motor is versatile with its installation, capable of being positioned in any orientation, and comes with a 22Nm capacity holding brake. The included encoder system with resolver feedback and integrated multi-turn absolute encoder contributes to improved motor speed control and positioning. Maintenance is minimal but regularly cleaning the cooling ribs for optimal heat dissipation is recommended. The motor windings are equipped with temperature sensors to guard against overheating. Optional blower units can provide extra cooling. The power connector is situated on Side B, although this can be altered during assembly. The plain shaft with DIN3760 design A shaft sealing ring can achieve a constant 2000 RPM, and a rated speed of 3500 RPM. The robust housing is painted with a damage-resistant black prime coat.
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Product Family: MKD synchronous motors
Weight: 34 kilograms
Install Position: All positions
Holding Brake Capacity: 22Nm
Maintenance: Cleaning of cooling ribs
Temperature Protection: Sensors in motor windings
Additional Cooling: Attachable blower units
Power Connector Position: Side B
Shaft Design: Plain with DIN3760 design A shaft sealing ring
Constant Revolutions Per Minute: 2000
Rated Speed: 3500 revolutions per minute
Designs Available: Single
Housing: Black prime coat
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