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R911273526 (MKD090B-035-KG0-KN)

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Bosch Rexroth's R911273526 (MKD090B-035-KG0-KN) is a state-of-the-art MKD series synchronous servomotor, well-known for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Available in two cooling modes: surface cooling, aided by an external fan or a blower unit, and natural cooling mode. The R911273526 (MKD090B-035-KG0-KN) operates at over-temperature thresholds of 60 K and 100 K, supporting a continuous current of 11 Ampere at standstill for the 60 K insulated model. This motor's low winding resistance is excellent, coupled with its four pole pairs. Its decoder guarantees precision measurements and ongoing feedback for optimal performance. The multi-turn absolute encoder offers accurate feedback in the absence of a high rotation speed holding brake. Power connectors, located in a terminal box atop the motor, face opposite the shaft. Famed for its plain shaft with a sealing ring, the R911273526 (MKD090B-035-KG0-KN) delivers consistent torques in line with temperature and other parameters.

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Over Temperature Ratings: 60 K & 100 K
Continuous Current at Standstill: 11 A
Winding Resistance: Low
Pole Pairs: 4
Encoder: Multiturn Absolute
Characteristic Rotation Speed: Low
Brake: No Holding Brake
Power Connector Location: Terminal Box, Flipped Direction to Shaft
Shaft Design: Plain Shaft with Sealing Ring
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