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R911273857 (MKD112B-048-GP0-AN)

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The R911273857 (MKD112B-048-GP0-AN) AC synchronous motor, a part of Bosch Rexroth Indramat's MKD series, is a high-performance, lightweight, permanent-magnet motor designed with cutting-edge electronic commutation. Ideal for high-power applications, it combines durable materials with forward-thinking design. Features like its brushless design, compact housing, and easy-handle flange with threaded holes give it unique versatility. It falls into the size 112 category, boasting a motor length B designed for 28.0 Nm, a maximum speed of 4500 rpm, and an impressive standard speed of 2800 RPM. Its shaft incorporates sealing rings to prevent liquid or fume intrusion. Notably, this motor does not have a holding brake. The housing design optimizes heat dissipation to prevent overheating. Power connectors are conveniently located on side A of the casing. With an integrated resolver, the motor maintains constant feedback, precisely monitoring rotor position to ensure efficient functioning.
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Product Type: MKD Synchronous Servo Motors
Motor Category Classification: 112
Motor Length Type: B
Nominal Torque: 28.0 Nm
Rated Speed: 2800 RPM
Maximum Speed: 4500 rpm
Brake Type: No holding brake
Power Connection Location: Side A of housing
Feedback Encoder System: Integrated resolver
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