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R911274293 (MKD071B-035-GG1-KN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911274293 (MKD071B-035-GG1-KN) motor belongs to the MKD series of synchronous servomotors, designed to function with Bosch Rexroth's drive controllers. Its standout features include easy cabling, overload protection, and high operational dependability. Installation is flexible, allowing any position, and the motor is maintenance-free with a speed rating of 2,500min-1. This resolver-feedback, four pole-paired, brushless motor also houses a digital encoder for efficient startup. Its low inertia stems from special magnetic materials and permanent magnets. Bearing a plain shaft with a sealing ring, the motor has a winding resistance of 4.57 Ohm at 25°C and a 23mH winding inductance. Furthermore, it possess a 2.9A current rating, 333V voltage rating, and 1.6kW power rating at 60K. It is equipped with a 22Nm holding brake and comes in a sleek black housing. This motor thrives in industrial machine applications, given that the operating environment complies with safety and application standards.
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Size: 071
Length: B
Reliability: High
Overload Protection: Yes
Cabling: Easy
Installation: Any position
Maintenance: Maintenance-free
Speed Rating: 2,500min-1
Pole Pairs: 4
Winding Code: 035
Commutation: Electronic
Feedback Type: Resolver
Shaft: Plain shaft with sealing ring
Winding Resistance: 4.57 Ohm at 25 degrees Celsius
Winding Inductance: 23mH
Use: Industrial machinery
Ground Connection Required: Yes
Current Rating: 2.9A
Voltage Rating: 333V
Power Rating: 1.6kW at 60K
Holding Brake: 22Nm
Housing Coat: Black prime
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