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R911274686 (MKD071B-035-GG0-KN)

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The R911274686 (MKD071B-035-GG0-KN) is a high-performance, digital MKD AC motor from Bosch Rexroth, designed to work with intelligent drive controllers for cost-effective automation across a range of applications. Notable for its high-performance data, overload protection with temperature monitoring, and maintenance-free design due to its brushless, lifetime lubricated bearings, this motor offers flexibility with any-position installation. This rare earth, permanent-magnet, synchronous motor showcases electronic commutation, minimal inertia design, and a compact construction with a rotor shaft, motor feedback, optional holding brake, stator winding, and rotor with permanent magnets. Not suitable for use under extreme temperatures or underwater, this industrial-grade motor features a flange size of 115mm, centering diameter of 95mm, B motor length, 035 winding code, resolver feedback motor encoder, and more. It holds a nominal speed of 2500RPM, 8.0Nm continuous torque at standstill, and 6.3A continuous current at standstill with a 28.3A peak current.
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Positioning: Flexible
FlangeSize: 115mm
CenteringDiameter: 95mm
MotorLength: B length
WindingCode: 035
MotorEncoder: Resolver feedback
ShaftDesign: Plain shaft with a sealing ring
HousingDesign: Standard
CoolingMode: Natural convection
NominalSpeed: 2500RPM
ContinuousTorqueAtStandstill: 8.0Nm
ContinuousCurrentAtStandstill: 6.3A
PeakCurrent: 28.3A
RatedSpeed: 2500rpm
RatedTorque: 5.2Nm
RatedCurrent: 2.9A
RatedPower: 1.6kW
MaximumSpeed: 4500RPM
Weight: 8.8kg
ThermalTimeConstant: 45min
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