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R911274852 (MKD071B-035-KP1-KN)

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Bosch Rexroth's R911274852 (MKD071B-035-KP1-KN) from the MKD071 motors series is a top-rated product tailored for automation applications such as machining, packaging, and robotics. Designed with brushless permanent magnets and IP65 protection, this motor is both efficient and durable. It comes in two naturally cooled versions offering a rated torque of 5.2Nm and 7.5Nm and output power of 1.6kW and 2.5kW. Two surface cooled versions, complemented by an air blower, deliver a notable rated torque of 10.2Nm and power of 3.4kW. The R911274852 (MKD071B-035-KP1-KN) achieves a characteristic speed of 2,500 RPM with a maximum of 4,500 RPM and operates within an ambient temperature range of 0oC-40oC. Weighing in at 8.8 kg, an integrated encoder provides precise feedback while a built-in 5Nm holding brake ensures stability. Enhanced with a DIN 6885-1 keyway driveshaft, the R911274852 (MKD071B-035-KP1-KN) provides optimal motion control for diverse industrial applications.
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Industry Application: Machining, Robotics, Packaging
Design: Brushless, Permanent Magnet
Protection Degree: IP65
Natural Cooling Variants Rated Torque: 60K: 5.2Nm, 100K: 7.5Nm
Natural Cooling Variants Rated Power: 60K: 1.6kW, 100K: 2.5kW
Surface Cooling Variants Rated Torque: 10.2Nm
Surface Cooling Variants Rated Power: 3.4kW
Characteristic Speed: 2500 RPM
Maximum Speed: 4500 RPM
Weight: 8.8 kg
Operating Temperature Range: 0oC-40oC
Holding Brake: 5Nm
Driveshaft Keyway: DIN 6885-1
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