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R911275102 (MKD090B-085-KG0-AN)

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The R911275102 (MKD090B-085-KG0-AN), a permanent magnet synchronous motor by Bosch Rexroth Corporation, is designed for optimal performance across multiple industries. Withstanding high radial stresses and operable in any position, it features an IP 65 rated robust housing that ensures functionality in challenging environments— a crucial factor for the manufacturing and process industries. Its broad operating temperature range further sets it apart. Notably, its brushless design allows for continuous operation without maintenance, even at high frequencies. Its electrical controls facilitate rapid start-stop cycles and maintain peak power across different speeds. Embedded safeguards minimize the risk of overload failure and ensure reliable performance. The model comes without a holding brake, has a flange size and centering diameter of 140mm and 110mm, a frame length of 12Nm, and features resolver feedback with a multi-turn encoder. The standard winding code is 085, in a design that meets international standards.
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Motor Type: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Housing: IP 65 Approved
Design: Brushless, Maintenance Free
Operation: Electronically Controlled, High Repeat Frequencies
Safety Measures: Overloading Protections
Flange Size: 140 mm
Centering Diameter: 110 mm
Frame Length: 12 Nm
Feedback System: Resolver Feedback with Multi-turn Encoder
Holding Brake: Not Available
Winding Code: 085
Design Standard: International Standards
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