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R911276656 (MKD112B-024-GG0-BN)

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The R911276656 (MKD112B-024-GG0-BN) synchronous motor by Bosch Rexroth belongs to the MKD product line and proves beneficial for automation necessities in sectors like food processing, machine tools, packaging, and printing machinery. With standard 112 frame size, the motor equips a 130mm centering diameter and a 192mm flange size. Its ease of attachment, reliable performance, unmatched durability, and impressive IP 65 protection for optimal use under unfavorable conditions come as significant advantages. The motor incorporates a B frame length with 28.0Nm continuous torque and features a 024 winding code and a resolver motor feedback that oversees the motor's speed and position. The R911276656 (MKD112B-024-GG0-BN) is without a holding brake, it provides a plain output shaft with a sealing ring for secure machine element connection and includes an output connector directed to side B. As a permanent-magnet motor, it is designed with low inertia mass, has a peak current of 59.0A, a maximum speed of 4,000rpm, and a voltage constant of 116.4 V/1000min-1 at 20 C. It can be installed up to 1000m above sea level in 0-40 C conditions.
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Product Group: MKD
Motor Type: Synchronous Motor
Frame Size: 112
Centering Diameter: 130mm
Flange Size: 192mm
Protection: IP 65
Frame Length: B
Continuous Torque: 28.0Nm
Winding Code: 024
Motor Feedback: Resolver
Output Shaft: Plain with Shaft Sealing Ring
Holding Brake: None
Connector Direction: Side B
Motor Material: Unique Magnet Materials
Inertia Mass: Low
Peak Current: 59.0A
Maximum Speed: 4,000rpm
Voltage Constant: 116.4 V/1000min-1 at 20 C
Maximum Setup Height: 1000m Above Sea Level
Ambient Temperature: 0-40 C.
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