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R911276790 (MKD112B-058-KG1-BN)

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The R911276790 (MKD112B-058-KG1-BN) is a first-rate MKD synchronous motor produced by Rexroth. Notably robust and efficient, the R911276790 (MKD112B-058-KG1-BN) facilitates economical automation in numerous machines, spanning from machine tools to packaging machines, including those in the food industry. The motor's key features include high operational reliability, impressive performance data, dynamic action, and superior overload capabilities. The R911276790 (MKD112B-058-KG1-BN) is brushless and maintenance-free due to its grease-lubricated bearings, designed to successfully operate in challenging environments thanks to its closed motor design. It excels at continuous high-frequency starts and stops and utilizes electronic commutation for peak torque across a wide speed range. A flange facilitates easy installation, ensuring optimal positioning, while a bearing helps withstand high radial loads. The R911276790 (MKD112B-058-KG1-BN) can also support direct overhang of pinions and pulleys.
Pricing & Availability
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Durable and Rugged: Yes
Used in Economical and Cost-effective Automation Systems: Yes
Operational Reliability: High
Performance Data: High
Dynamics: High
Overload Capabilities: High
Maintenance-free Operation: Yes
Brushless Design: Yes
Grease-lubricated Bearings: Yes
Working Condition: Extreme or Adverse
Overload Capability: High
Starting and Stopping at High Frequencies: Yes
Electronic Commutation: Yes
Peak Torque Utilization: High Across Wide Range of Speeds
Installation: Via a Flange
Bearing: Supports High Radial Loads
Capability: Can Directly Overhang Pinions and Pulleys
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