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R911277393 (MKD090B-058-KP1-KN)

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The innovative R911277393 (MKD090B-058-KP1-KN) permanent magnet motor by Bosch Rexroth offers a brushless design for seamless, maintenance-free operations. Boasting a resilient bearing configuration, the motor can withstand various stresses related to consistent rotation and component connection. Enhanced by stress-resistant bearings, the R911277393 (MKD090B-058-KP1-KN) can directly connect with pinion and belt drives in an overhang position, signifying its unique character in the market. The motor promises exceptional performance and reliability across different operational environments and conditions. It has built-in overload and overcharge prevention measures, prolonging durability for both the motor and related components. The motor can regularly start and stop at high frequencies thanks to electronic commutations. Designed with space efficiency in mind, it has a convenient cable layout. Key specifications include a 058 winding code, 12 Nm frame length while the flange size and centering diameter measure 140 mm and 110 mm respectively. The model is equipped with an 11 Nm holding brake and a multi-turn encoder within a sturdy casing.
Pricing & Availability
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Product Type: Permanent Magnet Motor
Design: Brushless
Bearings: High Strength, Stress Resistant
Connection Compatibility: Direct Connection with Pinion and Belt Drives
Overload Protection: Yes
Overcharge Protection: Yes
Power Range Capability: Peak Power at Wide Speed Range
Cable Design: User-Friendly, Space Saving
Winding Code: 058
Frame Length: 12 Nm
Flange Size: 140 mm
Centering Diameter: 110 mm
Holding Brake: 11 Nm
Encoder Type: Multi-Turn
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