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R911277858 (MKD112C-024-GG0-AN)

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The widely acclaimed Bosch Rexroth brand excels in manufacturing state-of-the-art automated motion systems, notably the popular MKD AC Servomotor range. Known for their power and compactness, they are particularly effective for tool handling and robotics. A standout model, the R911277858 (MKD112C-024-GG0-AN) Servomotor, comes in three modes — 60K, 100K, and surface cooled 60K/100K, equipped with an air blower for enhanced cooling. Accordingly, they offer optimum performance at a rated speed of 2,500 RPM, providing respective torque outputs of 16.6Nm, 32.6Nm, and 44.1Nm and consuming 5.2kW, 11.1kW, and 14.1kW power. Although the motors are capable of reaching a safe limit of 4,000 RPM, producing an astounding 148Nm torque. Ingeniously designed with a brushless build and grease-lubricated bearings, the motors offer hassle-free lifelong operation. Its sealed protective casing guards against dust and water jets while an inbuilt temperature sensor and sophisticated resolver feedback mechanism ensure safe and optimized performance.
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Modes: 60K, 100K, Surface Cooled 60K/100K
Rated Speed: 2500 RPM
Rated Torque (60K): 16.6Nm
Rated Torque (100K): 32.6Nm
Rated Torque (Surface Cooled): 44.1Nm
Power Consumption (60K): 5.2kW
Power Consumption (100K): 11.1kW
Power Consumption (Surface Cooled): 14.1kW
Maximum allowable Speed: 4000 RPM
Maximum Torque: 148Nm
Design: Brushless
Lubrication: Grease-lubricated bearings
Protection Degree: IP65
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