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R911278629 (MKD112B-058-GP0-AN)

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The Indramat's MKD type motors are known for exceptional performance, dependability, and outstanding torque-speed characteristics. The R911278629 (MKD112B-058-GP0-AN) version, relying on the 'MKD112' size code, provides high torque with efficient power. It boasts a 375mm motor length and a flange size of 192mm and centering diameter of 130mm. The '058' winding code harnesses a continuous standstill torque of 28.0Nm, with rated speed and torque values at 3000min-1 and 6.2Nm respectively. It can produce a turning force to move loads with a moment of inertia up to 1.92x10-1 kgm2, owing to its 1.92x10-2 kgm2 rotor moment of inertia. Under normal circumstances, it allows up to 6.4A current and 212V voltage. Its operational limits can be stretched to a speed of 4500 min-1 and peak torque of 102.0Nm at the peak current of 183.0A. Enclosed in a compact, dust and water-resistant IP65 casing, it also features resolver feedback for closed loop control. With a keyway shaft design in correspondence with DIN 6885-1, it lacks a holding brake whilst having A-side connections for power and encoder cables.

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Type: Servomotor
Flange Size: 192mm
Centering Diameter: 130mm
Motor Length: 375mm
Winding Code: 058
Continuous Torque at Standstill: 28.0Nm
Rated Speed: 3000min-1
Rated Torque: 6.2Nm
Rotor Moment of Inertia: 1.92x10-2 kgm2
Permissible Current: 6.4A
Permissible Voltage: 212V
Max Speed: 4500min-1
Peak Torque: 102.0Nm
Peak Current: 183.0A
Protection Category: IP65
Feedback Type: Resolver
Shaft Design: With Keyway and Keys (No Holding Brake)
Electrical Connection: Via Plugs on Top (A-Side)
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