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R911279596 (MKD112C-024-GP3-BN)

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The Rexroth R911279596 (MKD112C-024-GP3-BN) is part of the MKD series of AC Servo motors, known for their energy-efficient, robust design and operational reliability. This permanent-magnet motor employs electronic commutation, facilitating frequent start and stop operations without overload. Its high-performance data and rated speed of 3500 combined with overload protection make it suitable for heavy load handling. Heat dissipation is ensured through exterior windings and optional surface cooling, maintaining optimal functionality. Its IP65 protection offers resistance against water and dust for enhanced longevity. The motor operates at an ambient temperature of 0 - 40°C and features a 70Nm holding brake for controlled stops. The brushless design and lubricated bearings ensure a virtually maintenance-free operation. The varying speed capacity, combined with a torque rating of 31Nm, makes the R911279596 (MKD112C-024-GP3-BN) a versatile, reliable choice for automation systems.
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Product Type: Rexroth AC Servo Motor
Motor Type: Permanent-magnet Machines
Functionality: Electronic Commutation
Rated Speed: 3500
Overload Protection: Yes
Temperature Monitoring: Yes
Peak Torque Range: Wide
Frequent Start-Stop Operation: Possible
Cable Designs: Various
Protection: IP65
Ambient Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Maintenance: Maintenance-Free
Design Features: Brushless and Lubricated Bearings
Holding Brake: 70Nm - Electrical Principle
Rated Torque: 31Nm.
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