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R911279970 (MKD112C-058-KG3-AN)

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The Bosch Rexroth MKD motor series guarantees superior precision and quality, meeting the high demands currently placed on advanced machinery. Renowned for its robust construction, the MKD motor series delivers exceptional torque output while maintaining a compact construction—outperforming many in the market. This series utilizes electronic commutation, enabling peak torque values across a wide speed range. Heat dissipation from the stator windings to the motor housing exterior ensures prolonged operation times and high overload capability. Installation is straightforward with the inclusion of variously designed cable sets. The R911279970 (MKD112C-058-KG3-AN) Synchronous Motor offers Resolver feedback with an integrated multi-turn absolute encoder for precise, smooth synchronization. Torque levels depend on the model with natural 60K at 27.3 Nm, natural 100K at 41.5 Nm, and surface 60K/100K at 72 Nm. The model also features a 70 Nm holding brake. The MKD112C in particular possesses a Torque constant of 0.8 Nm/A and a rotor inertia of 0.000273 kgm2—ideal for industrial applications. The series is also IP65 protected.
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Product Type: Synchronous Motor
Torque Range: 27.3 Nm - 72 Nm
Holding Brake Torque: 70 Nm
Torque Constant: 0.8 Nm/A
Rotor Inertia: 0.000273 kgm2
Protection Standard: IP65
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