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R911281876 (MKD025A-144-GG0-KN)

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Bosch Rexroth's MKD motor series, specifically model R911281876 (MKD025A-144-GG0-KN), offers superior design with brushless AC motors crafted for high precision applications in fields such as automation, machining, printing, and packaging. This model is size variant 025 with a 54mm flange and there are two versions differentiated by over temperature values - the 60K variant providing 0.18 Nm rated torque and 0.12kW rated power, while the 100K version delivers 0.39 Nm rated torque and 0.27kW rated power. The motor runs at a rated speed of 5,000 RPM and frequency of 250 Hz with a 3 pole pair design for smooth rotation. Natural convection cooling eliminates the need for additional energy usage through cooling devices. Maintenance is unnecessary due to its brushless structure. Fusion with a motion drive on a closed loop control system is possible, featuring a resolver feedback for optimal position detection.
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Motor Size: 025
Flange Size: 54mm
Overtemperature Options: 60K and 100K
Rated Torque (60K): 0.18 Nm
Rated Power (60K): 0.12kW
Rated Torque (100K): 0.39 Nm
Rated Power (100K): 0.27kW
Rated Speed: 5000 RPM
Rated Frequency: 250 Hz
Pole Pair Design: 3 pole pair
Cooling Method: Natural Convection
Maintenance Requirement: No maintenance required
Position Detection Device: Resolver Feedback
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