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R911284561 (MKD112C-024-GG3-LN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911284561 (MKD112C-024-GG3-LN) is a state-of-the-art, high-reliability synchronous motor designed for start-stop operation at high repeat frequencies. This permanent magnet device allows for installation in various mounting positions and features a Fluorocaoutchouc radial sealing ring to prevent oil leakage. The motor boasts a plain output shaft, a standard bearing with an average lifespan of approximately 30,000 operating hours, and electrical connection via a drive controller. It operates at a supply voltage of 372 – 404 V and generates a rated torque of 16.6 – 44.1 Nm. The model incorporates a fixed-mounted temperature sensor for overload protection, can generate a maximum torque of 148 Nm, and has a maximum speed of 4500 rpm. The unit, which weighs in at around 46.2 kg, also includes a holding brake that generates a 70 Nm torque, digital resolver feedback, and an IP 65 protection standard. Comes with a one-year global warranty from Indramat USA.

Operational Reliability: High
Installation Positions: IM B5, IM V1, IM V3
Sealing Ring Material: Fluorocaoutchouc (FPM Viton)
Output Shaft: Plain
Bearing Type: Standard
Average Bearing Life: 30,000 Operating Hours
Supply Voltage: 372-404 V
Motor Winding Code: 024
Rated Torque: 16.6-44.1 Nm
Continuous Current: 8.2-21.8 A
Temperature Sensor: Fixed-Mounted
Maximum Torque: 148 Nm
Peak Current: 120 A
Maximum Speed: 4500 rpm
Net Weight (Motor): 45 kg
Net Weight (Blower Unit): 1.2 kg
Holding Brake Torque: 70 Nm
Feedback Type: Digital Resolver
Ambient Temperature Range: 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Protection Standard: IP 65.

MKD 112C-024-GG3-LN
MKD112C 024 GG3 LN
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