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R911284677 (MKD112C-058-KG0-BN)

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The R911284677 (MKD112C-058-KG0-BN), a servo motor from industry leader Bosch Rexroth, is crafted for dynamic demands and boasts a high torque to inertia ratio enabling highly dynamic motions. Paired with Rexroth's intelligent drive controllers, it creates a comprehensive drive package, applicable in various industries from food to printing and beyond. This servo motor assures prolonged, reliable operation with protections against overheating, courtesy of a smartly designed stator dissipating heat effectively and an embedded thermal sensor for continuous temperature monitoring. The motor has a maximum speed of 4000 rpm, a peak current of 239 A, and provides a continuous torque of 38 Nm at standstill with 53.2 A of continuous and 15.2 Amp rated current. Delivering a power of 3.9kW and operating at a rated voltage of 148 V, it features a closed-loop feedback system enhancing positioning control. Installed up to 1000 m above sea level, it carries IP65 protection and utilizes a brushless design to extend lifespan and reduce maintenance.
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Product Type: Servo Motor
Use: High dynamic requirements areas
Operating Duration: Long
Protection: Overheating
Design Feature: Effective heat dissipation from stators
Additional Feature: Installed thermal sensor
Top Speed: 4000 rpm
Peak Current: 239 A
Continuous Torque Standstill Mode: 38 Nm
Continuous Current: 53.2 A
Rated Current: 15.2 Amp
Power Deliverance: 3.9 kW
Rated Voltage: 148 V
Maximum Setup Height: 1000 m above sea level
Protection Standard: IP 65
Design: Brushless
Maintenance Requirement: Low
Service Life: Prolonged
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