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R911285765 (MKD112C-024-KP3-AN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911285765 (MKD112C-024-KP3-AN) is a synchronous digital motor renowned for its broad-range peak torque, courtesy of its electronic commutation. Fitted with a flange compliant with DIN 42948 specifications, this motor ensures effortless attachment to industrial machinery. It has a data memory-enabled encoder for quick startups, a thermal time constant of 90 minutes, and a rotor inertia of 273 x 10-4 kgm2. The winding resistance is 0.44 Ohms, measured at 20°C. As for the storage and transportation: the temperature should be in the range between -20°C and 80°C. Ensure the unit housing is properly grounded before powering on and avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, medical, nuclear and high-frequency applications. This model features a rated current of 8.2A, a rated voltage of 372V and is cooled via natural convection. Its standard design is resistant to diluted acids and lyes, chalking, and discoloration, although torque can drop 15-20% if the unit is unpainted. Lastly, it includes a 70Nm holding brake and offers a one-year Wake Industrial warranty.
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Peak Torque Usage: Wide speed range
Attachement Specifications: Flange designed according to DIN 42948
Encoder: Comprises data memory for quick startup
Thermal Time Constant: 90 minutes
Storage and Transport Temperature: -20°C and 80°C
Rotor Inertia: 273 x 10-4 kgm2
Winding Resistance: 0.44 Ohms at 20°C
Rated Current: 8.2A
Rated Voltage: 372V at 60K, natural convection cooling
Torque Reduction: 15% to 20% when unpainted for food industry use
Brake: Electrically-releasing 70Nm holding brake
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R911285765 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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