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R911286345 (MKD112D-027-GP3-AN)

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The R911286345 (MKD112D-027-GP3-AN) is a high-performance digital AC servo motor by Rexroth, and it belongs to the MKD series. This motor comes with a size of 112 and length up to 48.0 Nm. Integral to the motor design is a winding code of 27, resolver motor feedback, and a holding brake of 70 Nm. The driven shaft includes a key as per DIN 6885-1 with a shaft sealing ring for mechanical protection and enhanced performance. It also includes an output connector in direction A. Incorporating a permanent magnet with electronic commutation, it offers wide-ranging potential uses. Frequent testing ensures a defect-free operational capacity. This motor is capable of tackling demanding operations such as machine tooling, printing, and food production. Having a cooling system based on standard and radial mechanisms, it requires no maintenance and can withstand challenging environments due to its brushless design and full enclosure.
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Size: 112
Length: 48.0Nm
Winding Code: 27
Motor Feedback: Resolver motor feedback
Driven Shaft: Key per DIN 6885-1 with sealing ring
Holding Break: 70Nm
Output Connector: Side A direction
Design: Unique, no other
Permanent Magnet: Yes, with electronic commutation
Cooling Mechanism: Standard or Radial
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