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R911286598 (MKD112D-027-KG3-BN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911286598 (MKD112D-027-KG3-BN) is an exclusive synchronous motor from the MKD series, which combines power and precision through its superior technology. This compact model, with a unique size of 112 and length of 48.0Nm, provides maximum productivity, smoothly fitting into applications such as printing, metal cutting, food production, automation, and packaging, without compromising motion dynamics. The motor, equipped with a resolver feedback integrated with a multiturn absolute encoder, contains a sealed shaft with a holding brake of 70Nm. Additionally, it includes a one-sided, side B output connector. This environmentally sustainable motor is lubricated and sealed internally to circumvent damage - efficiently designed for heavy-duty tasks. Having undergone a 1500 volts surge test, it offers reliable electronic commutation with an easy-to-operate speed control. Experience a perfect blend of robustness, sustainability, and high performance with the Bosch Rexroth R911286598 (MKD112D-027-KG3-BN) motor.
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Operating Mode: Synchronous
Winding Code: 27
Torque: 48.0Nm
Size: 112
Shaft: With sealing ring
Holding Brake: 70Nm
Output Connector: One-sided direction of side B
Surge Test: Up to 1500 volts
Commumtation: Electronic with speed control
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