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R911286813 (MKD112B-058-GG1-BN)

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The R911286813 (MKD112B-058-GG1-BN) AC motor from the MKD series by Rexroth Indramat is lightweight (34kgs), easy to mount, and perfect for use in industries such as robotics and machine tools. Designed with easy setup and seamless integration with driven machines in mind, this motor features an electrically-released holding brake with a torque of 20 Nm and a maximum current capacity of 183 Amps. The R911286813 (MKD112B-058-GG1-BN) employs an RSF-type feedback system without an absolute multiturn encoder. The motor's standstill torque is 28 Nm, and its 192mm attaching flange has a centering diameter of 130 mm, with a windings code of 058. With a design that's standard across industries, this motor's connection point output is located on its B side. Furthermore, its holding brake operates at a nominal 24 Volts and has a weight of around 1.1 kg. The R911286813 (MKD112B-058-GG1-BN) has an operational range of 0 – 45°C, an insulation rating of F, and an IP 65 protection category.

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Weight: 34 kilograms
Usage: Robotics, machine tools, handling system
Mounting: Easy-to-mount
Brake Type: Electrically-released
Brake Torque: 20 Nm
Maximum Current: 183 Amps
Feedback System: RSF type
Torque at Standstill: 28 Nm
Flange Size: 192 mm
Centring Diameter: 130 mm
Windings Code: 058
Connection Point Direction: Side B
Motor Design: Standard
Performance: Standard
Nominal Voltage: 24 Volts
Voltage Tolerance: +/- 10%
Nominal Current: 0.71 Amperes
Brake Weight: 1.1 kg
Link Time: 50 ms
Separation Time: 25 ms
Operating Temperature Range: 0 – 45 oC
insulation Rating: F
Protection Category: IP 65.
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