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R911286968 (MKD112D-027-KP3-AN)

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The R911286968 (MKD112D-027-KP3-AN) is a high-performance synchronous motor from the renowned MKD series by Rexroth Bosch Company. Designed to provide a cost-efficient automation system, it's widely used in sectors like machine tools, handling equipment, and printing industries. This motor has several benefits including high performance, superior reliability, easy start-up and user-friendly cabling due to pre-installed connectors. It features permanent magnets for enhanced torque and enables electronic commutation, eliminating the requirement for brushes, making it maintenance-free. The R911286968 (MKD112D-027-KP3-AN) boasts a design with low inertia masses, ideal for high-acceleration and deceleration applications, due to neodymium magnet materials. It includes a stator, rotor shaft, motor feedback, windings, and an optional holding brake. With a protection category of IP 65, insulation class of F, and thermal time constant of 40 minutes, it allows a maximum setup height of 1000 meters above sea level and operates efficiently between 0 to 40 degrees.
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Product Type: Synchronous AC motor
Operating Principle: Electronic Commutation
Motor Size: 112
Motor Length: D
Winding Code: 027
Motor Feedback: Yes
Optional Holding Brake: 70Nm
Cooling Method: Natural Convection
Insulation Classification: Class F
Protection Category: IP 65
Thermal Time Constant: 40min
Maximum Setup Height: 1000 meters
Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -20 to 80 degrees Celsius
Max RPM: 3000rpm.
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