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R911288256 (MKD112A-024-KP1-BN)

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The R911288256 (MKD112A-024-KP1-BN) is an AC servo motor from the renowned MKD Series by Indramat Rexroth Bosch. The synchronous motor presents a 112 frame size with a length of 15.0 Newton meters and a 24-winding code. Its distinguishing features include an output connector oriented at side B, and a resolver feedback mechanism paired with an integrated multiturn absolute encoder. The motor contains a shaft driven by key as per DIN 6885-1 standards and includes sealing rings. Importantly, the R911288256 (MKD112A-024-KP1-BN) model is equipped with a 22 Newton meter-capacity holding brake. The motor operates on full-enclosure principle, which ensures resistance to harsh environments while requiring minimal maintenance. Its robust construction promises a lifecycle of approximately ten years. Unique to its series, the R911288256 (MKD112A-024-KP1-BN) model's bearings do not call for lubrication, even after two decades of usage. With options for customization by sending back to the manufacturer, this AC servo motor leads the industry in performance and customer satisfaction.

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Motor Type: Digital AC Synchronous Servo Motor
Frame Size: 112
Motor Length: 15.0 Newton meters
Winding Code: 24
Output Connector Direction: B
Shaft Type: Driven with key per DIN 6885-1
Extra Features: Sealing Rings
Holding Brake Capacity: 22 Newton meters
Sealed: Yes
Maintenance Requirement: None
Estimated Lifespan: 10 years
Custom Manufacturing: Available on Request
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R911288256 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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