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R911290197 (MKD112A-024-GP0-BN)

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The R911290197 (MKD112A-024-GP0-BN) is a synchronous servo motor from Bosch Indramat Rexroth's MKD Series. With a frame size of 112 and a motor length of 15.0 Nm, it incorporates a winding code of 24 and offers resolver motor feedback. The motor's power connection output faces the side B direction. It features a DIN 6885-1 compliant shaft fitted with a sealing ring. Notably, the motor doesn't include a holding brake. Engineered for multiple environments, the R911290197 (MKD112A-024-GP0-BN) has been rigorously tested for various applications, from automation and food production to material handling, printing, paper, and metalwork. The motor's high-grade sealed bearings mitigate contamination risks, while its double-lipped front flange seals, connectors, and O-rings with extra epoxy coating offer added protection. The R911290197 (MKD112A-024-GP0-BN) and its MKD Series kin are recognized for quick start-up, efficiency, and elevated data memory fostering enhanced operational dynamics.
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Motor Frame Size: 112
Motor Length: 15.0 Newton meters
Winding Code: 24
Motor Feedback: Resolver
Power Connection Output Direction: Side B
Driven Shaft: With key per DIN 6885-1
Shaft Feature: Sealing ring
Holding Break: None
Design: One available
Sealed Bearings: High-grade
Contamination Resistance: Yes
Front Flange: Double-lipped seals
Connectors and O-rings: With additional epoxy coating
Start Type: Quick Start
Efficiency: High
Operational Mechanism: High memory data
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