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R911291851 (MKD025B-144-GG1-UN)

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The Bosch Rexroth R911291851 (MKD025B-144-GG1-UN) falls within the MKD series of synchronous motors, distinguished by their efficient system integration with Rexroth drive controllers. Suitable for diverse applications including food machines, handling, printing, and machine tools, these motors are valued for cost-effectiveness and versatile functionality. The R911291851 (MKD025B-144-GG1-UN) is a compact unit, weighing 2.0kg and encased within a robust, black prime coat that offers IP65 protection and corrosion resistance. It operates optimally between 0 to 40 degrees and storage and transport occurs between -20 and 80 degrees. Performance metrics include a rated torque of 0.31Nm, rated speed of 5000rpm, and a maximum speed of 9000rpm. Design specifications incorporate a 1Nm holding brake, plain shaft with a sealing ring, and resolver feedback. Installation is flexible and straightforward, with horizontal storage recommended to prevent damage. Maintenance involves regular cleaning, particularly of the cooling ribs and bearings, to sustain optimal performance.
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Product Type: Synchronous Motor
Protection Category: IP65
Insulation Class: F
Color: Black
Weight: 2.0Kg
Maximum Speed: 9000rpm
Certification: CE, UL
Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees
Storage and Transport Temperature: -20 to 80 degrees
Maximum Installation Height: 1000 meters above sea level
Rated Torque: 0.31Nm
Rated Frequency: 250Hz
Rated Voltage: 94.7V
Rated Speed: 5000rpm
Installation Position: Any position
Storage Position: Horizontal
Housing Design: Standard
Holding Brake: 1Nm
Shaft Design: Plain with shaft sealing ring
Feedback: Resolver.
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