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R911295889 (MKD071B-061-KP1-KS)

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R911295889 is part of the MKD Synchronous Motors Series by Indramat Motors.

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Product Type: AC Motor
Operational Flexibility: Yes
Reliability: High
Overload Protection: High
Speed Range: 2000min-1 to 6000min-1
Bearing Type: Grease-lubricated
Leakage Current: Exceeds 3.5MiliAmperes
Gounding Requirement: Copper wire with minimum diameter of 10milimeters
Insulation Class: F per DIN VDE 0530 Part 1
Shaft Type: With keyway as per DIN 6885-1
Junction Box Direction: Side B
Winding Inductance: 23 Millihenry
Pole Pairs: 4
Operation Ambient Temperature: 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -20 to +80 degrees Celsius
Peak Current: 28.3 Amperes
Maximum Speed at Peak Current: 6000min-1
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