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R911299355 (MKD115C-024-KG1-AA)

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The MKD115C-024-G1-A from Bosch Rexroth is one of the biggest synchronous motors in the MKD series, measuring 38Nm in length and weighing 95 pounds. Its installation should be handled by professionals, featuring a plain output shaft as denoted by the "G" in its product number. Furthermore, the output power connector faces the "A" side of the unit. Benefiting from IP65 certified protection, this motor is durable under optimal conditions with only minimal maintenance required - occasional bearing replacement and lubrication. The MKD115C can accommodate a range of operations due to its in-built multi-turn absolute encoder, which can track rotor position for up to 4096 revolutions. It also features a 22Nm holding brake for clamping the servo axis when the motor is not in use. This ensures the longevity of this reliable and durable unit.
Frame Size: Large
Length: 38Nm
Weight: 95 pounds
Winding Code: 024
Installation: Only by Skilled Personnel
Output Shaft: Plain
Power Connector Output Direction: A Side
Certification: IP65
Use: Multi-purpose
Built-in Encoder: Multi-turn
Encoder Type: Absolute
Revolution Data: Within 4096 rotations
Holding Brake: 22Nm
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