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R911299714 (MKD071B-035-KP3-KN)

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The Bosch Rexroth Indramat's R911299714 (MKD071B-035-KP3-KN) is an electronically commutated permanent-magnet motor designed for high-frequency start-stop operations. Its special magnets enable the creation of low inertia masses. For functionality, it requires a programmed digital intelligent drive controller. The model, part of the MKD series, also incorporates a driven shaft with key and a resolver feedback with integrated multiturn absolute encoder. With a 70 Nm holding brake, the motor can halt the axis in emergency situations and meets the IP65 protection category. The R911299714 (MKD071B-035-KP3-KN) operates within an ambient temperature from 0-40 degrees Celsius and can only be installed up to 1000 m above NIN. Covered in a black coat housing, the motor can be shipped globally, comes with a one-year warranty period via Wake Industrial, and is only compatible with accessories, actuators, and controllers from the same manufacturer.
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Motor Design: Permanent-magnet motor with electronic commutation
Accessibility: Easy attachment to machine
Additional Feature: Peak torque can be used across a wide speed range
Motor Size: 71
Motor Length: B
Windings Code: 035
Driven Shaft: With key
Holding Brake: 70 Nm
Protection Category: IP65
Ambient Temperature for Installation: 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
Maximum Setup Height: 1000 m above NIN
Housing: Prime black coat housing
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R911299714 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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