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R911299880 (MKD041B-058-KG1-KN)

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The R911299880 (MKD041B-058-KG1-KN) is an AC motor with a permanent magnet, featured in Indramat’s MKD series - known in the industry for its longevity and simplicity of use in creating Ecodrive and Diax04 automation systems. Boasting a decade-long lifespan with adequate upkeep, this unit is equipped with an electrically releasing 22nm holding brake. It also includes resolver feedback with an integrated multi-turn resolver, outputting data for multiple revolutions simultaneously. Notable features include a keyless output shaft sealed with a ring, a non-rotatable power connector, and a stationary connection box. Specifications include a winding code of 058, a frame size of 041, and a motor length of 2.7nm. The motor also has a size 82mm flange, and 50mm centering diameter. Protected from dust ingress and water jets by an IP65 rating, the motor can reach a maximum speed of 7000 RPM, although the optimal speed is 5000 RPM. Mass is 4.4kg, it can be installed up to 1000m high, with the rated voltage and frequency at 386V and 250Hz respectively.

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Type: Permanent magnet AC motor
Usage: Automation components
Complement Products: Drive controllers
Lifespan: Over one decade
Brake Length: 22nm
Brake Mode: Electrically releasing
Feedback Type: Resolver
Shaft Type: Without keyway, with sealing ring
Connection Box: Fixed
Power Connector: Not rotatable
Winding Code: 058
Frame Size: 041
Motor Length: 2.7nm
Flange Size: 82mm
Centering Diameter: 50mm
Protection Category: IP65
Max Speed: 7000 RPM
Rated Speed: 5000 RPM
Weight: 4.4 kilograms
Max Setup Height: 1000m
Rated Voltage: 386V
Rated Frequency: 250Hz.
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