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R911308496 (MKD041B-058-GG1-KN)

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Manufactured by automation systems specialist, Indramat, the R911308496 (MKD041B-058-GG1-KN) is an efficient, high-performing AC servo motor. It is perfect for Ecodrive or Diax04 systems and can be applied across numerous industries such as packaging and handling. Recognized for its reliability, overload protection, and easy installation, this motor also requires minimal maintenance. Detailed specifications include a length of 2.7nm, a centering diameter of 50mm and a flange size of 82mm. The motor features a shaft sealing and an electrically-releasing holding brake with a length of 22nm. With a solid resolver feedback and a fixed power connector in its connection box, the motor operates at a rated current of 0.85A, a rated voltage of 386V, an idle continuous current of 3.4A and a peak current of 15.3A. The motor's top theoretical speed is 7000RPM, with a rated speed of 5000RPM, and weighs 4.4 kilograms. It is also characterized by a standard housing coat with class F insulation and IP65 protection.
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Product: AC Servo Motor
Application: Automation Systems
Length: 2.7nm
Centering Diameter: 50mm
Flange Size: 82mm
Shaft Detail: No keyway, shaft sealing
Holding Brake: 22nm, Electrically Releasing
Feedback System: Resolver Feedback
Power Connector: Fixed at Connection Box
Rated Current: 0.85A
Rated Voltage: 386V
Idle Current: 3.4A
Peak Current: 15.3A
Max Theoretical Speed: 7000RPM
Rated Speed: 5000RPM
Weight: 4.4 kilograms
Housing Coat: Standard
Insulation Class: F
Protection Level: IP65
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