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R911315429 (MKD025B-058-GG1-KN)

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The R911315429 (MKD025B-058-GG1-KN) is a highly versatile AC servo motor from Indramat's MKD series. This cost-effective motor, a key element in Ecodrive and Diax04 automation systems, operates with a winding code of 058 and boasts a plain output shaft. Equipped with a sealing ring, it prevents liquid intrusion. Critical data is relayed to the drive controller with its resolver feedback mechanism. With a 54mm flange size and a 40mm centering diameter, the motor comes with an electrically released holding brake that activates when no power is supplied. Utilized across multiple sectors, such as food, packaging, printing, and handling, its operation and installation require professional expertise. With a maximum speed of 9000 RPM, a rated speed of 5000 RPM, it operates at 196V and 250Hz. Weighing 1.5 kg, it can be used at altitudes up to 1000m. The IP65-protected motor has an insulation class of F. Repair work should be professionally outsourced due to the complexity of its internal components.
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Compatible Automation units: Ecodrive, Diax04
Winding Code: 058
Output Shaft type: Plain, No Keyway
Output Shaft feature: Shaft Sealing Ring
Motor Feedback: Resolver Feedback
Flange Size: 54mm
Centering Diameter: 40mm
Holding Brake: Electrically releasing principle
Maximum Speed: 9000 RPM
Rated Speed: 5000 RPM
Voltage: 196V
Frequency: 250Hz
Rated Current: 0.94A
Weight: 1.5 kg
Maximum Altitude: 1000m
Insulation Class: Class F
Protection Level: IP65
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R911315429 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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