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R985000500 (MKD071B-061-GP0-KN-SA001)

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The Bosch Rexroth R985000500 (MKD071B-061-GP0-KN-SA001) AC Servo Motor is a prime example of advanced industrial machinery, geared towards meeting the robust demands of the modern consumer market. Crafted using contemporary design techniques and state-of-the-art electronics, it offers superior operational reliability and ease-of-use through maintenance-free operation, overload protection, simple cabling, and more. Remarkably durable, the motor features an IP 65 degree of protection against damage from external elements. Its impressive operational specifications include a rated speed of 5,000rpm, allowing the machine to function over a wide speed range. Additionally, the motor's resolver feedback system improves performance via the collection and processing of output data. Its maximum torque of 32 Nm is sufficient for handling even the most demanding tasks. Despite its powerful features, the R985000500 (MKD071B-061-GP0-KN-SA001) AC Servo Motor maintains a light and manageable weight of just 8.8 kg.
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Type: AC Servo Motor
Operational reliability: High
Overload protection: Included
Maintenance: Maintenance free
Cabling: Easy
Degree of protection: IP 65
Rated speed: 5000 rpm
Feedback: Resolver
Maximum torque: 32 Nm
Weight: 8.8 kg
Use: Wide speed range
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1 Year Indramat USA Warranty included Worldwide shipping via UPS and Fedex We offer repair service for the R985000500 in 10 days. Exchange credit for your defective unit available.
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