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R985000936 (MKD112B-024-KP0-BN-SA001)

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Bosch Rexroth is a leading company in digital motor technology, excelling in the design of drive and control systems. Their innovative IndraDrive system merges components for a range of applications, including robotics, print machines and textiles, resulting in an agile and power-efficient system. The Bosch Rexroth's R985000936 (MKD112B-024-KP0-BN-SA001) is part of their MKD Synchronous Motors series, offering cost-effective and high-performing automation systems. Ideally used with Bosch Rexroth’s digital drive controllers, the R985000936 (MKD112B-024-KP0-BN-SA001) Motor is highly reliable and maintenance free due to its brushless design and grease-lubricated bearings. Notable for its high data performance, overload protection, and ability to withstand damaging overload, it can be attached and removed from machines in multiple ways. The R985000936 (MKD112B-024-KP0-BN-SA001)’s easy installation flexibility, versatility and increased radial load capacity make it a valuable asset in various industries, including automation and handling, paper and printing, food, and packaging.
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Best Used With: Bosch Rexroth Smart Digital Drive Controllers
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