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R985002390 (MKD025B-144-GP0-KN-SA001)

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The R985002390 (MKD025B-144-GP0-KN-SA001) synchronous motor, by leading manufacturer Bosch Rexroth, is expertly designed for industrial automation and control technology. Renowned for its robust quality, this high-performance motor is an economical and efficient choice for a variety of industries, including machine tools, packaging, logistics, and the food industry. It remains functional within a temperature range of -20 to 80oC, and tolerates an ambient temperature up to 40oC. The motor features a 54mm flange height, 40mm centering diameter, and 0.9Nm frame size, with no holding brakes. Its in-built overload protection system safeguards the device and operators, enhancing reliability. As it requires minimal maintenance and operates effectively under any environmental conditions, the R985002390 (MKD025B-144-GP0-KN-SA001) is a versatile and dependable choice with world-class protection against environmental hazards.
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Product Type: Synchronous Motor
Temperature Functionality Range: -20 to 80oC
Permissible Ambient Temperature: 40oC
Flange Height: 54mm
Centering Diameter: 40mm
Motor Frame Size: 0.9Nm
Holding Brakes: No
Maintenance Requirement: Low
Positioning: Any
Overload Protection: Yes.
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